About Us

At Bikestands.com.au, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality, most durable bike stands to individuals and businesses across Australia. Our family business has been involved in fabrication and distribution of bicycle parking and related products in Sydney since the early 1990s. Our customers include individuals, families and businesses looking for a convenient way to keep bicycles neat, safe and secure.

Our products include a range of steel bike rails and parking stands.

Our Products

A bicycle stand is intended to simply keep a bicycle steady in position, perfect for use in your backyard or around your house. You can also lock a bike to a bicycle stand, but because of its small size and portability, a bike stand is generally meant for keeping your bicycle upright, not securing it from theft.

For owners or managers of public spaces who want to provide parking for cyclists, parking rails are generally considered the more secure option. The main difference is that a parking rail is much larger than a bicycle stand – a bicycle stand is smaller than your bike’s tires and only provides enough support to keep your bike upright, a parking rail is about 900mm tall and 900mm wide. Each parking rail can accommodate 2 bicycles securely.

We are proud to serve a wide variety of customers, including individuals, businesses, and government organisations.

Our Clients

Most of our bike stand customers are individuals and families, while our parking rail customers are generally organizations.

For more information, contact us by phone at 0425 751 794 or by e-mail – admin [at] bikestands.com.au

We are also the manufacturers of the McCallum Made range of mobile chicken coops. Our products can be viewed at www.thechickentractor.com.au.