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BikeStands.com.au and The Australian Bicycle Parking Standards

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Bicycling is becoming an increasingly popular mode of transportation in Australia. As the nation embraces sustainability and healthier lifestyles, the demand for proper bicycle parking solutions has surged. Recognizing this need, BikeStands.com.au has become a leading provider of high-quality bicycle parking solutions in the country. This article will explore the Australian Bicycle Parking Standard and the guidance that BikeStands.com.au follows to provide efficient, safe, and aesthetically pleasing bicycle parking options for a greener, healthier future.


Understanding the Australian Bicycle Parking Standard:

The Australian Bicycle Parking Standard, formally known as AS 2890.3-2015, provides comprehensive guidelines for bicycle parking facilities. It aims to ensure that cyclists have convenient, secure, and accessible places to park their bicycles when they arrive at various destinations, such as workplaces, shopping centers, schools, or recreational areas. This standard sets out detailed recommendations for the design, installation, and maintenance of bicycle parking facilities to promote cycling as a sustainable mode of transportation.


BikeStands.com.au and AS 2890.3-2015:

BikeStands.com.au takes its commitment to high-quality bicycle parking solutions seriously. By adhering to the Australian Bicycle Parking Standard, they ensure that their products are not only functional but also compliant with local regulations. Here’s how BikeStands.com.au aligns its offerings with the standard:

  1. Secure and Stable Bike Racks: AS 2890.3-2015 recommends that bicycle racks be stable, securely anchored, and designed to prevent theft or tampering. BikeStands.com.au offers a range of bike racks designed to meet these criteria. Whether it’s the classic hoop rack, the popular wave rack, or their custom solutions, these bike racks are constructed with durability and security in mind.
  2. Spacing and Accessibility: The standard defines requirements for the spacing between bike racks and their accessibility. BikeStands.com.au takes into account these guidelines when assisting customers in designing their bicycle parking solutions to maximize space efficiency while maintaining accessibility and safety.
  3. Aesthetics and Integration: The standard recognizes the importance of integrating bicycle parking facilities into the urban environment. BikeStands.com.au offers customizable options that blend seamlessly with their surroundings, creating visually appealing and unobtrusive solutions that enhance the overall appearance of the location.


Promoting Sustainable Transportation:

By aligning with the Australian Bicycle Parking Standard, BikeStands.com.au contributes to the promotion of sustainable transportation options. Their commitment to high-quality bicycle parking solutions helps encourage cycling as a viable mode of transportation and supports the country’s efforts to reduce traffic congestion and environmental impact.



BikeStands.com.au is at the forefront of providing bicycle parking solutions that meet and exceed the Australian Bicycle Parking Standard. By prioritizing secure, accessible, and aesthetically pleasing bicycle parking facilities, they contribute to the growth of cycling as a sustainable and eco-friendly mode of transportation in Australia. Whether it’s for workplaces, retail establishments, or public spaces, BikeStands.com.au’s dedication to quality ensures that cyclists have reliable and efficient parking options while following national standards for bicycle parking.

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