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Bike Rack Product Close Up

front wheel in bike rack

If you need a close up look at our bicycle racks try using these pictures. You are welcome to copy these pictures and use them in your blog or website.

Our bike racks are designed to store all of the most commonly seen bicycles in Australia. Generally speaking the only kinds of bikes that do not fit in one of our stands are 12″ kids bikes (usually ridden by 3-5 year olds) and some downhill mountain bikes with oversize fat tyres.

The distance between the two uprights on our stands is 60mm, and to put this into perspective, road bikes generally run a 19-23mm tyre, touring bikes about a 30mm tyre and standard mountain bike tyres are between 44mm and 56mm. This means that if you are purchasing our bike racks to provide parking for commuters then generally speaking our stands will accommodate all bicycles that they are likely to use.


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