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Bike Parking Stand – 5 Bicycles


Parking Stands are wonderful if your prime purpose is to keep bikes neat and tidy, and where security is not a major issue. Most commonly these are installed in garages, in commercial or industrial premises for staff use or in bicycle retailers for display purposes.

Bikestands.com.au’s 5 bike racks are designed and made to be long-lasting and simple to use.


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Bike Parking Stand for 5 Bicycles

A 5 Bike Parking Stand is wonderful if your purpose is to keep bikes neat and tidy. Mainly used when security is not a major issue. These are often put in garages, in commercial or industrial premises. Many bicycle retailers use our bicycle parking stands for shop displays.

A 5 bike parking stand is 158 cm in length and holds five bicycles. Each stand is spaced 37 cm apart. Holes are provided to enable you to anchor the bicycle parking stand to the ground if you wish.

5 Bike Stands Parking Specs

Importantly our bicycle racks are made to last. They are made from 12mm steel and will provide you with years of service. As they are fully welded there are no points of weakness. And finally, even if something should go wrong they are covered by a 10 year replacement warranty.

Our bike parking stands are designed to hold the majority of bicycles commonly used. The uprights of the stand are 6 cm apart. This means they hold any bicycle tire up to 2.25 inches. If you are not familiar with bicycle tires, this means all bicycles except some specialist downhill tires can be held.

Installing the bike parking stand is a simple matter of deciding whether you wish to install them straight or offset to one side as in the attached picture. Installing them at an offset angle can be convenient, but our suggestion is to install them at 90 degrees in most circumstances as it maximises the space which each rider has to access their bicycle.

Surface Finish

This product is available in either hot dipped galvanised or powder coated black.


Freight is a flat rate of $20 or 4% for orders over $500, whichever is the greater.

Bike Parking Stand – 5 Bicycle Brochure


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